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Grand Theft Auto

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Welcome to my site!

It's a site dedicated to Grand Theft Auto series. Its main goal is to bring people some information how to mod their games, what mods put and how to mod these games safely.. There is a complete documentation of ENB Series for GTA 4 and San Andreas (VC and 3 too). To see it, just go to ENB Series page (on the left side in menu), then click on the version of the game you're interested and there is available documentation.
If you want to get to know something about the reasong why I made this site, go to the "About this site" button.

Latest news: After 3 years... - 23.06.2013 - SEE IT

I also entreat you to see my GTA 4 photos gallery: Open gallery

I have a subpage about the rest of my interests too. As many of my friends know, I'm interested in all those "conspiracy theories", bicycles, cars, Lego, computers, some photography and so on. I will add some things only when I have time and velleity for this.