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Grand Theft Auto

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ENB Series for Grand Theft Auto 4

Installation of ENB Series for GTA4 looks the same as for any other version. But the difference is that for GTA4 we have much more files. They are: d3d9.dll, enbbloom.fx, enbclouds.fx, enbeffect.fx, enbmoon.tga, enbmoonbump.tga, enbseries.ini. We put all of them in main game folder.

First steps

Well-configured ENB Series for GTA4 can make almost photorealistic graphics. This game had pretty good graphics, but 2-3 years. ago. Technology goes forward, so ENB Series for GTA4 has all the most complex graphic effects, such as sky lighting, ambient occlusions, indirect lighting and fixes many graphical bugs.
In documentation you'll find all the information you need to configure enb and complete enbseries.ini explanation.

Dokumentacja do gta4 EN

You can see my ENB Series gallery Here