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kropka After 3 years... - 23.06.2013

A few days ago the site celebraten 3rd birthday. So maybe I should write something about its use.
The glory days are far behind, but it's still often visited - mostly getting straight to ENB documentation. Actually I'm non surprised - besides it, there's nothing interesting :) And probably won't appear anything new, I have no longer the energy and desire to develop this. I wanted it to became the ENB Series settings exchange platform, but through all this times (since July 2011) only one setting has been sent...
Page counter started to run more quicly after expansion of "Top Secret" subpage, and to be more precise, Live for Speed section game. So, if you haven't heard about this game yet, I entreat you to visit that place. On the right I put some links to the best LFS web pages.

Okay, and how's the site when it comes to numbers?

Since start, GTA Bay has been visited 145 700 times, showing 1 065 643 pages, loading up 7 189 969 files. The number of unique visitors is 71 763.
Total volume of shown/downloaded items: 125,91 GB

>Visualization of page statistics<

The page will still be online, if anything signigicant ENB-relaeted will happen, something will appear here for sure. See you around!

kropka ENB Series v0.128 BETA - 30.12.2012

Boris started working on ENB Series GTA4 version again. For now two beta versions have been released, in which he added GUI, some performance fixes and a few other things. I will not update my documentation yet, I'll better wait for some bigger ENB update. I hope Boris will keep general .ini structure, honestly, I wouldn't like to create documentation again from the beginning... :)

Meanwhile I entreat you to visit Boris' official page here

kropka New section - 07.08.2012

I'm crazy. I'm extending this site to new game theme! Well, maybe not exactly this very site, it will be one of sections in 'top secret' subpage. Generally speaking, I will mostly put my modifications to the best car driving/racing simulator - Live for Speed.

> Go there <

kropka A few thoughts - 30.10.2011

I see that my efforts are for nothing. I've made ENB settings exchanges, because many people asked me to do it, I'm translating page into English ... But why? People come here anyway just because of the ENB documentation for GTA4. I do not know whether it makes sense to develop this site further..

kropka ENB Series documentation update - 04.07.2011 My documetation has been updated to 0082 version. Actually, 0082 version officialy doesn't exist, but many people still use it as it has many good effects and options.

>ENB Series documentation <

kropka ENB Series settings exchange - 02.07.2011 Since today ENB Series settings exchange is active! You can send and download settings and effects from other people. For now number of files is 0, but I hope that there will be many of them soon. I encourage to send our own settings!

>ENB Series settings exchange <

kropka iCEnhancer 1.2 - 30.06.2011

Icelaglace from GTAForums released great addon, mod, or actually ENB Series settings, in which he put great effects. Including Adaptive DOF and better bloom with lens effects. You can see some screens from the game in the gallery. What's better, Icelaglace is going to release next version soon, with even more goodies.

PS. I will make an ENB Series settings exchange soon - you can download many ENB Settings made by people.

See Gallery

kropka New settings for ENB Series 0.082 Beta - 4.02.2011

I decided to release my 33rd version of settings, for new ENB version - 0082. What's new? I think that the word "everything" fits good. Download and test it!


kropka ENB Series 0.082 Beta for GTA 4 - 28.01.2011

This day new ENB version for SA had been released. It adds some new things, but as it is beta version, it has some bugs and limitations. Major improvements are: detal map and soft particles. However, SSAO effects is very limited and has lots of bugs. Boris made many changes and it doesn't work well yet.
Soon I'll try to update my documentation to 082 version, and in Download section new version will also appear.

Meanwhile I entreat you to visit Boris' official page here

kropka Project Oblivion 2010 - 4.11.2010

It happened! After three years of waiting new version of amazing mod Project Oblivion is out. To everyone who doesn't know it - it completely chagess vegetation, trees, bushes and grass. Now it also has new flora under water. Well, I can say that it looks marvellous. Download it right now!