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Grand Theft Auto

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Some words about me..

Well.. My name is Darek, I live in Częstochowa, Poland. I dont have any fondness to html, it's just and effect of boredom. Altough, I'm interested in computers, electronics. But my main love is bicycle. (Skatepark and so on) and.. Lego bricks. Yes, yes, I build many things from these tiny pieces of plastic. I'll show you some models around here, and below is a link to a gallery. Apart from that, I really like listening to music. As is well known, it has significant impact on our frame of mind, la, it may even change our view and opinion on many things! Generally I listen to punk and all of his sub-genres - mostly polish bands like Dezerter, Złodzieje Rowerów, Regres and many others. I also like Janusz Reichel's songs. Such an amazing man. I also like to play some reggae, rock and even some electic music in my audio. All in all it's not worth to write anything more here, I'll beter give some links to sites in which I have accounts.

strzałka YouTube Channel
strzałka Photo album on
strzałka profile
strzałka account
strzałka account

I think that's enough. But if you want to get to know somethng more about me, go to "Top secret" page.