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Grand Theft Auto

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Page started on: 20.06.2010

An idea to make this site came into my mind during Information Technology lesson in school. We had had a lesson about html and one task was to make a site with any content. I had been thinking what to do, and I finally chose GTA. Lessons had been finished and I had almost completely done site. I sent it to my mail and started working on it in house. After a couple of days I had main site done. But I didin't have any idea what to put here more. As I like to nod these games, I decided to write here many informations about GTA modding. On I take part in many discussions, mostly in ENB Series topics, so I know a lot about it and I'll try to bring you this modification closer. In download section I'll put some useful files from time to time. I'm not a proffesionalist in html, actually I'm almost green in it, but I hope you like this site!

The entire content of this site is my ownership and I forbid copying any part of it without my permission.