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Performance tips

As you know, unfortunately ENB Series has very big hardware requirements. Even GTA 4 itself has quite big requirements, mainly relatively to processor, RAM and VRAM memory. Fortunately, ENB generally is based on GPU power, and a bit on its memory.

At the beginning of fun with ENB it's worth to set proper video quality in GTA.
Resolution - you know - The higher the resolution, the better. However, if we want to use ssao and ssil, then high resolution limits performance of these effects.
Texture Quality - If you have a lot of VRAM, you can set high. Altough, when you don't have much, but amount of RAM is high, you can try to do some trick - increase the number of available video memory by taking it from RAM memory. It's done by writing one parameter in commandline.txt - availablevidmem= and setting for example 2.
Reflection Resolution - To make ENB reflections look good, it needs to be set on Very High.
Water Quality - Frankly, as for me, medium quality of water is the best. So i propose to set this on medium, at least you will save some megabytes of memory.
Shadow Quality - Here i propose Very High. Then shadows are very accurate, and with ENB filtering gives beautiful look.
Texture Filter Quality - Very High. Well and what :)

View Distance - Watch out in this, it's very memory costly. I have 27 and I think it's enough.
Detail Distance - Similar to View Distance. I have 75, and with View Distance on 27 it gives quite good draw distance.
Vehicle Intensity - If you like when many cars drive around, set high value. I have 50.
Shadow Density - This marameter is negligible at day time, at night it can decrease or increase performance a bit. I have 6 and in my opinion it's enough.

I won't describe Definition and Vsync - Definition does not even work, when ENB Series is on.

Now let's move to appropriate part - configuration of enbseries.ini.

First thing - antialiasing. On my computer it works nothing less than weird, so I won't describe its work because I just don't use it.

Another thing, which may affect on performance, is reflections precision. Two parameters are responsible for that: ReflectionsForceHighPrecision and ReflectionsForceExtremePrecision. I have only the first parameter turned on. Second does not corrects drawing reflections so much. However, if you're a quality-maniac, you can activate it, performance loss won't be huge.

The most performance eating effect is SSAO (together with SSIL), or ambient occlusions and indirect lighting. Altough, they add pretty big realism to the game, but they're very demanding. Personally I have them turned on, so I recommend for you the same, but don't set quality on -1 or 0, while playing you won't notice such a small differences. Quality at 1 will be a compromise, together with FilterQuality=1.

Shadows filtering also decreases performance, it's best to set its quality to 1 or 2.

Bloom in principle does not decrease performance, quality leave at 0, and the same with Skylighting filtering.