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How to make good ENB Series config

Creation of really good config is very hard and time-consuming. Often it needs also timecyc.dat file editin, but I will describe this without getting deeper into this file.

ENB Series for GTA4 offers literally tons of options. What better, because of the lighting and rendering that GTA4 uses, very often change of only one parameter affects many other, for example changing the amount of light on ground affects sun brightness.

The First basic matter - don't overbrighten your game. Directly, these paramaters defines this: DirectLightingIntensity, ColorPow (also defines deepnes of colors) from [ENVIRONMENT], AmbientMinLevel from [SKYLIGHTING] and OverallPower from [SKY].

Let's move to vehicles reflections. Values ReflectionFront and Reflectionside are connected to the power of reflections in timecyc.dat file. After setting their values to 1.0, reflections will have the same power as in normal game. Generally these reflections are too dark. I propose to set in Reflection Front value bigger by a few decimals from 1 (in respect to your taste), while the value in ReflectionSide set bigger by about 1-1,4. By this while looking at the car at higher angle, reflection will be more powerful. Just as it is in real life :)

Bloom. In GTA4 it has a bit different function than in previous versions of ENB (for SA etc.). Bloom will be visible only for the most bright parts of the screen, like the sun or its reflections on the ground or somewhere else. That's because lighting in GTA 4 is computed in HDR process (High Dynamic Range), and it offers much wider spectrum of brightness than in normal games without HDR. For its "visibility" conforms generally Radius 1 and 2 parameters. I won't describe here, which does what, the best would be to experiment and set at first value 100 in Radius1, and then in Radius2 - you will see, what they're responsible for. To make this look realistic, don't set too high values - I prefer about 1,5-4,0 for both of them.

SSAO. This effect plays huge role in the quality of graphics. It applies very realistic shading on all the objects. Besides the quality of SSAO (to not to make the game run too slow), its amount in game is also very preponderant. This amount also changes when you change the quality (size of texture for example.). Don't set too high values because screen will be too dark. In AOAmount parameter it would be the best to set value between 1-1,6, and for ILamount (amount of indirect lighting) also similar values.

Brightness adaptation. Watch out in this, in some cases this may make overbrightened screen. Values AdaptationMin and Max should be set propetly to settings from [ENVIRONMENT]. This is time-consuming, but with good setting it will look good - In well lightened places shadows will be dark, and after getting into shadow we will still see everything well - like it should be.

Writing about brightness, it would be good to set it properly too. Many people have serious problems with this. I's also dependent from timecyc.dat, but it can be done without editing this file. Output of the lighting is DirectLightingIntensity. After setting value in it we can edit the rest (of course you can correct it later). Hovewer, values in AmbientSunMultiplier and AmbientSkyMultiplier (they also adjust amount of lighting in game) should be lower than DirectLightingIntensity. While increasing AmbientSkyMultiplier, shadows will become brighter, and whole game will be a bit more bluish (because the sky is blue :)). To correct this, you can lower value AmbientSkySaturation a bit.

Also, we can lower brightness of the whole game. In enbeffect.fx file there is a line: float EBrightnessV1=(value); To make it work, value define POSTPROCESS_V2 needs to be turned off - by setting a # in front of it. So, we can lower the brightness by lowering the value in EBrightnessV1=. Simple :)

Appropriate setting of the sky is the worst thing. By editing it, we often need to correct rest of the values responsible for the atmosphere ing game - [ENVIRONMENT]. The most important thing - don't make too dark, navy blue sky. Just look outside the window. The sky is azuline-bluish, only at some specific weather it becomes more blue. Good parameter to set its brightness and color is ColorPower. Later it's good to corect the rest of parameters. It's best just to expend some time and experiment with it, I've explained every parameter in the documentation.

While making the setting, you shouldn't hurry. It's worth to check every parameter and change values even by 0,1; often that small differences are important to make the final look satisfactory.

And the last thing for now - special effect file. We can add some specific effects by making a shader in effect.txt file. By this, we can add some color corrections, tone mapping, blurring, sharpening etc. Boris made an effect file, which adds some noise and screen sharpening. Many people uses it. It's very useful, small sharpening can make the game look better. But don't set too high values, the game will look like it's embossed in photoshop or something.
Short explanation of this effect:
We can change power of sharpening by this parameter:
float SharpeningAmount= - negative values are also possible, then screen will be blurred.
float ScanLineAmount= - amount of scan lines.
float NoiseAmount= - amount of noise. - Do not set too high values.

You can download this file from here: Effect.txt

I hope that this short tutorial will help many beginners in ENB Series :) In the future maybe I will expand it.

Good luck!