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For direct-link visitors: Main GTA Bay site is available in english too. If you want to see it in english, just click HERE, or click on "Główna" button and select proper language.

Huh, nice section... Everytime I start to write something new in new section, I don't know how to write and what to write... Now it's the same.
I can start off with an assertion that I love cars, since my childhood. Just as with bicycles.
First car in my family was... the same as in most of polish families a couple of years ago. It was Fiat 126p, in Poland called "maluch". As far as I remember we have only one good photo in which it is visible. By the way you can see me on this photo. I had... 6? years? I don't know.

(click to enlarge)

The story will be longer. Check back soon.