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For direct-link visitors: Main GTA Bay site is available in english too. If you want to see it in english, just click HERE, or click on "Główna" button and select proper language.

Welcome to my 'top secret' page about some aspects of my lifestyle and... about me.

Some of you may ask, why did I make this site in English? Actually, I don't even know. Maybe because I just like english language, maybe because I wouldn't like to let this page be read by some dumb folks from Poland... Anyway, I hope you will find something interesting for you... About me.

I will try to put something new here as frequently as I can, but I can't guarantee that everytime you visit, there will be new info. Sometimes I may not write for a month or longer because... I just don't want to or I don't have time. But you can check this page anytime you want.

Latest update: 27.08.2015 - Live for Speed section -> Car mods -> Audi


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